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Our passion and love for dogs at Paradise Kennel started when Colette was only a three year old child. Her older brother at the time had been in the army training with a black German Shepherd and upon his return home, Colette felt a curiosity with the dog.

While at the family cottage, Colette accidently fell into the swimming pool. The dog instinctively jumped in to rescue her and started barking to attract attention. From that day, Colette developed a strong bond with Peter and they quickly became inseparable. In 1979 when her father wanted to raise a litter, Colette loved everything about it. She was constantly with the pups and that is when the passion began.

At 17 years of age she raised her first litter of German Shepherds. She soon realized that it was not just German Shepherds that were intelligent and great companions, but that there were other small breeds that would make a great addition to any family.

From here, Colette started breeding a few different breeds, eventually narrowed it down to the breeds we carry today. Her favourite small breed and specialty is the Havanese breed which is smart and easy to train, extremely affectionate and great with kids.

Colette and her husband eventually found a perfect place to build her dream in 1992. The property where the kennel sits today is a 125 acre forest and construction of the kennel began soon after.

​In 1992, Colette was also pregnant for her daughter, Stephanie. In just a few months, Stephanie was in the kennel in her stroller watching her parents care for the dogs. From here the facility grew into the incredible place that all of the dogs and puppies get to call home!

They make families complete with a passion!


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