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  • How can we contact you after picking up the puppy?
    We are more than just your regular breeder, our relationship with you continues well beyond the day your puppy comes home. We love to keep in touch and see our Paradise Family group growing online by sharing the love with pictures and video of birthday, brother and sister, first visit at the groomer and a lot more... We love to see our fur babies growing up in loving homes. And if you have anything going on with your pup or have question, We're there for you!​
  • At what age will the puppies be ready to go home?
    Puppies should go to their new homes between 8 and 10 weeks of age. This is the optimum time for a puppy to transition from his litter to his new family – any earlier and he may have issues with other dogs in the future; any longer with his litter mates and he may not bond as well with people.
  • ​How long have you been breeding dog ?
    We have been dedicated to our dogs for over 30 years. Our goal is to produce quality healthy puppies with great temperaments.​
  • Will the puppies be seen by a vet before they leave?
    Puppies will be examined, dewormed and vaccinated prior to leaving. Make sure that you follow up with your own veterinarian, as puppies that don’t receive boosters at appropriate intervals are at risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses.
  • What kind of guarantee do you offer?
    Breeding is not an exact science, and problems can surface in the best of lines. We offer a health guarantee of 5 years on all our puppies. Don’t be shy about asking for references from others who have purchased dogs from us on our "Paradise Kennel Family" facebook group. ​
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