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Our Facility

Welcome to Paradise Kennel’s facility: a wonderful kennel on a beautiful land of 125 acres of rolling hills with a beautiful pond and various trails to bring the dogs to explore. This 5-star Kennel has 2000 square feet of brick exterior play area. 

Puppy Wonderland

Each dog has access in and out as they please to their play areas via 6 large patio doors which includes little doggie doors. The remarkable 4180 square foot building was designed with comfort and relaxation in mind for the dogs and puppies to reside in. The health and well-being of our fur babies is at the top of our priority list and thus many things have been implemented to make this a success.Our main focus will always be to provide our dogs with a nourishing, comforting and clean environment. The parents of our charming Havanese and Morkie puppies are treated as a part of the family and included in every aspect of what makes Paradise Kennel so incredible. Building this stunning 4180 square foot “puppy wonderland” is what sets us apart here at Paradise Kennel!

havanese breeder facility
havanese breeder facility
havanese breeder facility


Our nursery is at the forefront of caring for our newborn puppies. The neonatal requirements for a newborn puppy are abundant and thus a proper nursery is crucial for the early stages of a puppy’s life. Within the nursery, there are multiple private spaces for the moms to give birth peacefully and quietly. We like to call these places a “private puppy condo”. These “condos” are made from medical grade plastic which is a surface that is easy to clean/sanitize, and environmentally friendly. The condos are complete with a glass door so we can frequently check on the birth process without disturbing the mother or the puppies at their most vulnerable moments. In addition, the glass doors provide an opportunity for the puppies to view what is happening outside of their kennel and prevent the feeling of being “caged”. Furthermore, there are exterior windows which allow for a plethora of natural light to shine in and nourish the puppies with important Vitamin D throughout the day. Another important characteristic of the nursery is that the temperature remains between 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a critical aspect of the nursery because the puppies are unable to regulate their own body temperatures at such a young age. We use overhead heat lamps in each space, so the young puppies have additional access to warmth to stay at a healthy body temperature. Lastly, each birthing space is elevated off the floor, so mothers and puppies are not feeling any cool temperature coming from the floor beneath them. Overall, it is extremely important that moms and their puppies feel relaxed and comfortable during this important stage of their lives. 

​Clinic & Intensive Care Unit 

            At Paradise Kennel we have the benefit of having a Clinic and Intensive Care Unit in our facility and an on-call veterinarian available for a11 of our puppies' medical needs. Having this space available in our facility limits the risk of the puppies developing illnesses or diseases from being exposed to different sick dogs at a veterinarian's office. Most importantly, our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) allows us to isolate the sick puppies from their peers in order to prevent further infection. In addition, the ICU allows for one-on-one care which a young puppy needs when facing a medical challenge. Within the medical area of the kennel there is various medical equipment such as nebulizers and microscopes. Nebulizers are crucial for newborn puppies with respiratory issues because the nebulizer allows the puppies to breathe more freely on their own after each treatment. Microscopes are also essential to analyze any bacteria or enzymes they may have discovered in a puppy. Overall, the puppies appreciate being able to stay in the comfort of their own home to receive the necessary medical care and analysis. 

havanese breeder facility
havanese breeder facility

Grooming Room

Another important component of Paradise Kennel is the Grooming Room. A groomer visits the dogs every week to ensure they are looking their best. During this visit, each dog has their fur shampooed and dried, their fur trimmed, and their nails cut. Within the grooming room there is a tub made specifically for our dogs that is both comfortable and relaxing. 
The groomer gently massages the shampoo on to the dog’s fur ensuring that every inch of their body is cleaned thoroughly. The dog is then dried with a high velocity hair dryer that ensures the air production is not too warm or too cold for the dog. After this, the groomer uses a variety of different fur trimmers to carefully trim the fur to make them look pristine. Special attention is given to the fur around the ears, the nose and the eyes as this fur can interrupt their eyesight or become irritating if it lays against the eyeball. 
The same thing is true for trimming nose hairs, as these can become irritating and cause itchiness if left alone. Trimming the ears is also important as it limits the risk of ear infection and promotes overall ear health.  It is also important to note that the tables in the grooming room are motorized and move up and down so the groomer can achieve the best angle to trim each part of the dog’s body. 
Finally, the groomer uses nail trimmers specific for our breeds of dogs to trim their nails to a length that is not uncomfortable for the dogs. Also, included in the grooming room is a washing machine and dryer to clean any materials used to clean the dogs so there are no germs or bodily fluids being passed from one dog to the next. 

Adult Kennel

The dogs having ample space to explore and spend their time is a top priority in our philosophy of dog breeding. Each dog has a large indoor space which leads to a spacious “puppy playground” which via a patio door. This provides the dogs with an ample amount of freedom because they are the decision makers for when they go outside or come inside.
The “puppy playground” is complete with multiple shaded areas and pools to keep the dogs cool during the summer months. And of course, there are multiple toys and games for the puppies to play with in their “playground”. Also, while outside the puppies can see the other dogs they cohabitate with and communicate with them. 
Inside each “dog condo” there is an ample supply of food and water and comfortable areas for relaxation. There is a large bed in each condo that is raised off the floor, so the dogs do not get chilled, and the bed is surrounded by generous amounts of shredded paper.
This material not only absorbs bodily fluids but also adds warmth for the dogs and provides comfort on their paws when walking around their space... This freedom and resort-like area help our adult dogs live a comforting and entertaining life!

havanese breeder facility
havanese breeder facility
havanese breeder facility


Cleanliness and sanitation take precedence at Paradise Kennel because a clean environment is essential for our dogs and puppies. Each day the dogs' living spaces are cleaned and sanitized. The cleaning process is detail oriented and includes many steps. 
Every day the bedding, food bowls and water bowls are all changed and cleaned. The bowls are put into a commercial grade high-temp dishwasher in order to ensure that any bacteria that may be on them gets cleaned effectively. After this, the walls and doors of each “puppy condo” are cleaned with a disinfectant that is safe for dogs (name of cleaning product used). 
Every floor is also mopped with dog-safe floor cleaner (name of what is used to mop the floor) to ensure that there is no residue left behind that could potentially develop bacteria. Fresh bedding is then applied and the hallways around the kennel are also mopped to ensure that no bacteria was left on the floor from employee’ shoes. 
Having a high degree of cleanliness in a kennel is extremely important to omit the risk of spreading disease between the dogs and puppies. 


At Paradise Kennel, we also take into consideration that hearing the barking of their fellow kennel mates is not always the best way to create a relaxing environment. Because of this, the kennel is equipped with a sound system that plays soothing music, such as classical music, which helps the puppies and dogs relax throughout the day and night. In addition, this constant music also helps to drown out the sound of scary noises such as a thunderstorm. 
In addition, there are large televisions throughout the kennel that the dogs can watch to further stimulate their brains. To add, it is proven that music helps soothe puppies and dogs just as it does babies and young children. Furthermore, watching TV can help enhance a dog’s or puppies knowledge of the real-world and better prepare them for when they find their forever home! Overall, the accessibility to music enhances our goal of creating a calming and comforting environment.

havanese breeder facility
havanese breeder facility
havanese breeder kennel camera surveillance

Health and Safety

Throughout the day and night there are many interactions between the dogs, the puppies and the Paradise Kennel employees, however, we do have a camera system in place when that direct supervision is not available. Cameras are put on specifically for pregnant mothers so the staff can monitor their progress and intervene if necessary during the birthing process. 
There are also cameras set up throughout the kennel to monitor the day-to-day activities that occur. This ensures that all the puppies are safe and monitored for any discrepancies in their care.  In addition, there is a fire system in the kennel to notify us promptly if there are any signs of smoke or fire. 
Lastly, there is a back-up generator in the case that the power goes out. This way if there was to be a power outage, all of the electronics and systems in place for the dogs and puppies will remain functional. 
These health and safety precautions are in place to ensure that our puppies and dogs are safe and secure at all times. 

Heating and cooling 

At Paradise Kennel, one of our main interests is to keep the temperature of the kennel consistent in order to keep the puppies and dogs comfortable. In order to do this we have an air conditioning system in the summer that vents throughout the kennel to keep the temperature cool and refreshing even when it is very hot outside. Likewise, we have two types of furnaces to keep the dogs and puppies warm in the winter months. 
There is a traditional wood furnace that is prepared with wood often throughout the day and there is a standard electric furnace also located on the premise. In addition, to keep these systems to keep the air heated and cooled when needed, we also take extra precautions to help the puppies maintain their body temperatures.
Each puppy room of the nursery is elevated off of the floor so puppies and mothers are not feeling the chill from the earth beneath them, each room also has a heated lamp to help the puppies maintain their body temperatures, as they are unable to do this on their own. Overall, keeping the kennel at a comfortable temperature for the dogs is essential in creating a relaxing and soothing environment. 

havanese breeder kennel outside play pen
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