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Pet Relocation Specialists

Patti Bond: Owner / Operator 

She will answer all of your pet shipping questions!


902 880 2283



Nova Scotia, Canada


International Pet and Animal Transportation Association

Shipping Prices

Fredericton, NB

Moncton, NB

Saint John, NB

Truro & Dartmouth, NS

St. John's, NL 

Deer Lake, NL

95.00 plus tax.

160.00 plus tax

 180.00 plus tax.

200.00 plus tax.

450.00 plus tax.

450.00 plus tax.


We use PetsGo. We've been working with this company for a few years now and they are Great!  They take care of the delivery of our babies, with no stress and worries. They treat every puppy as though it was their own. 

​They ensure your pet will be booked and checked in, to the best flights with the shortest transit time.
Petsgo provide a number of different ways to get our puppies into their new homes. They work very hard to cater to our adopter’s busy schedules while always putting the health and safety of our puppies first. Pick Up,  Hand Delivery and  Air Travel


​Hand Delivery
Due to geographical distance or simply a busy schedule, most of our adopters prefer to have their puppy delivered.
Patti at Petsgo understand what it takes to properly care for and protect our puppies during transit. We certainly appreciate her
hard work and professionalism.

Delivery by Air
We do use air travel for adopters that are a longer distance away.  All of our puppies have arrived safely to their new homes via
air travel and we certainly would not use this type of service if it would
potentially harm our babies.

Is it safe for pets to fly?
Air travel is as safe for pets as it is for people. Your pet will travel in a special cargo compartment within the aircraft. This compartment is both climate controlled and pressurized for your pet’s safety and comfort, and it is on the same air circulation system as the cabin.   

If you can imagine keeping your pet in a crate in the laundry overnight, this is similar to what your pet will experience while in the pet-compartment within the aircraft.

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